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Welcome to our official website. Use of this site is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the site. By using, purchasing, accessing or downloading the content from this website, you are agreeing to accept the terms and conditions set forth in this legal notice. This condition covers all current and future visits to the Website. These Terms may be revised and updated at any time. It is worth checking this page from time to time for changes.

Customer or user definition:

Customer or user is a person who uses his / her user information that he / she has entered in the registration form to register an order or use any of the services of this site.


Use of the contents of this site, including text, photos, audio and video, is prohibited only by mentioning the source, and copying, distribution, use or publication of any of the above without mentioning the source is prohibited.

Trademark information:

Trademarks used on this site may only be used with written permission. All trademarks, trade names and names are the property of their respective owners. Except as expressly provided in this Legal Notice, its contents shall not be construed as construing, licensing, or assigning a patent, copyright or other proprietary right of us or a third party, or being interpreted as inadmissible or inadmissible.

Electronic communications:

When you use the services and services of this site, register or purchase your online order or send emails to site administrators, these communications are done electronically and if your request is complied with All principles and procedures, you agree that we respond to your request electronically (via e-mail, SMS and other electronic services).‌‌


We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of individuals who use the Site's services, and we are committed to protecting the privacy of our Site Users to the best of our ability. In case of using any of the site services, the site users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, and the users are responsible for all activities that take place under the desired account or password.

Links to other sites:

In order to serve users and create facilities on the website, we have included links to other sites. These sites are owned and operated by third parties and we have no responsibility for their availability or their content. The inclusion of links from third party sites to this website does not imply endorsement of that site or its owner, or any relationship between us and the third party host of the site.

Pricing policy:

The pricing policy in our collection is based on the principles of customer orientation and respect for consumer rights. In very rare cases and in case of market fluctuations or pricing errors, if an order can not be delivered, we are obliged to inform the ordering person as soon as possible and cancel the order. It should be noted that if the product includes a price reduction after registering the order, the order will be updated and the new price will be applied. The cost of packaging and shipping the product may be calculated separately, the details of which will be notified to the buyer at the time of purchase.

Damage during transport:

We always do our best to ensure that all orders reach customers accurately and without damage. The occurrence of any accident during transportation is the responsibility of the transportation company and if the carrier company approves the order, and if it is determined that there is no fault from the buyer, we will compensate the damage. Notify within 24 working hours after delivery of the order and the damaged product must be sent to the seller along with the official meeting minutes of the carrier company and all accessories and invoices. If the stock of damaged goods in the warehouse is exhausted, and it is not possible to replace the damaged goods with replacement goods, we will refund the amount of goods to the buyer's account and price fluctuations will not reduce or increase this amount.

Company law regarding return:

If the purchased product is defective or incomplete or is not satisfied by the buyer, the buyer can return the product to the company's address within the time period described in the customer service section, maintaining the original conditions. In this case, the company is obliged to return the funds paid by the buyer to his bank account or, if the buyer wishes, provide him with a credit equal to the price of the returned goods for other purchases.

Rules for posting comments on the site:

All comments, feedback, information or content provided through this site or in conjunction with it, are considered confidential and by submitting these comments, information, feedback or content, in fact the right to use, copy, modify, display and distribute this content You provide it to us for free. We have no responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the comments made by the users of the site. Displaying user comments on the site does not in any way imply endorsement by us of the content of the comments. If the following rules are not observed in user comments, the comment will not be approved and as a result will not be displayed on the site.

Due to the structure of the comments section, do not ask questions or ask for help in this section. Use the other sections on the site to ask your questions.
Users who submit comments are obliged to use respectful literature and not to insult other users, obviously any insult to a person or persons will cause the user's opinion not to be approved.
Comments must be entered in Persian letters to make it easy for other users to read, comments written in Pinglish or in English letters will not be approved.
Only comments that are relevant to the product will be approved, so do not discuss miscellaneous or non-product related discussions.
Users are required to submit content that is useful to site visitors and to refrain from expressing any personal, irrelevant or unnecessary content in this section.

Governing law:

All principles and procedures of this website are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of electronic commerce and the law of consumer protection, and consequently the user is obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. In the event that any provision of this Agreement becomes invalid, is deemed to be illegal or for any other reason it is not possible to implement it, the said provisions shall be excluded from this Agreement, but the other terms and conditions shall continue to apply. Your strength remains.